Jaafar Bello, Chairman CILT Next Generation

Bello Jaafar is currently the chairman of CILT Next Generation. He is an indigene of Kaduna State born on the 7th of November in the early 80s.

He is currently working with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Corporate and Strategic Planning Department as a Senior Statistician.

Furthermore, Bello Jaafar holds a Bachelor of Statistics from Nigeria and possesses numerous foreign certifications. He is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the private and public sectors of the Maritime, Transport and Oil/Gas Industries.

About US

The Next Generation (NG) of the Institute (CILT), established to promote career, knowledge development and networking opportunities for our members, who are 40 years or below, develop leadership position in the industry, an inclusive forum that encourages and support development of networking activities.


To be the leading Logistics & Transport Next Generation forum in Africa.


Enhance skill and competency of the Next Generation through targeted programmes and industry exposures.


  • Create a succession plan for young members that will become leaders in the industry.
  • Promote active participation of Next Generation in the institute.
  • Foster the linkage with academic institutions and other relevant organizations for promoting recruitment of young professionals.
  • Sustain strong links with local, regional and international Next Generation
  • Create a path that will accommodate the Next Generation as part of the succession plan in the given sector.
  • Encouraging professional development through mentoring and other networking functions.
  • Advocacy channel for young professionals in the industry.
  • Seek reward of excellence, creativity and talent among the Young Professionals


  • Receive news about Next Generation activities and actively participate in CILTYP & WILAT events at national, regional and international functions.
  • Professional anchor and professional development.
  • Enjoy discounted fees on events/ institute registration.
  • Win Industry awards (Quiz, Penal Discussions, and Paper Presentation).
  • Secure sponsorship to attend CILT events/Conference.
  • Meritorious award in Research, Diploma Degree & Masters in Collaboration with Aspire Peer Foundation, UK.
  • Secure your dream job. Be mentored by industry leaders/experts/researchers.
  • Secure internship in our core industry (Government officers i.e NIMASA, NPA, NSC, NRC as well as private:
  • Industry exposure through networking functions.
  • Meet and connect with your peers across the globe.


We offer in collaboration with some CILT National councils in different countries, educational and technical guided tours to members, students and these tours offer opportunity for participants to explore the different terrain of the world of logistics and transport in developed countries. They create other opportunities for business, networking, meeting people, global exposure, sharing terrain of other parts of the world and broaden your horizon through the Young Professionals.


We secure seats for both local and international conferences within the domain of Logistics and Transport and associate industries. CILT usually organizes two local and two international conferences annually We encourage you to participate.


As an instrument for education and skill enhancement. Young Professionals design, develops, implements youth centered program which span across the industry. We are supported by individuals, corporate organizations and governments through solution-based workshop and seminars. Our workshops are tailored towards specific needs. We urge you to key into our forum and you will be glad you did,


We are open for a wide spectrum of services, through collaborations with individuals and organisations in the following areas; workshops, conferences and technical tours.


Our cardinal focus areas are known as MISE strategy

M – Mentoring

I – Internship

S – Sponsorship

E – Employment/Empowerment