No matter the level you are, we can get you trained and certified


1.  Introductory Certificate in Logistics and Transport: Open to members with less than five (5) credit level passes in two sittings in GCE, SSCE, WASC etc at O/Level. Matured members and those with long industry experience.

2.  International Certificate  in  Logistics  and  Transport:  GCE, SSCE, WASC, O/Level with 5 credits in not more than two sittings, holders of National Diploma in non  logistics and transport fields. Matured candidates can apply.

3.  International Diploma in Logistics and Transport: Holders of National Diploma in Logistics and Transport, HND, First Degree in any discipline from recognized institutions.

4.  International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport: Holders of International  Diploma  in  Logistics and  Transport,  HND,  BSc. in logistics and transport or related disciplines from recognized Institutions. Masters Degree in other fields can also apply.

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